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Returning to school during a pandemic

This year is unlike any other year that we have seen because of the pandemic. Youth and young adults are struggling with the return to school, while trying to make sense of the pandemic. Routines and schedules are not the same, because youth are trying to figure out how to adjust.

Common themes:

  • How will I manage to get back to school? I have not seen my friends since March.
  • I did not do well with online schooling, what if I can’t keep up with this term?
  • I was so disappointed about the end of the school year because it did not feel like summer.
  • How to approach this new school year:

  • You are not alone; your friends and classmates are trying to figure out things.
  • Reach out to your acquaintances and friends before the start of school; social media is a way to reconnect.
  • Ease yourself back into a routine.
  • Remind yourself of how you've approached the start of school and what worked.
  • Prepare your back to school materials.
  • Remember the good times.
  • Video and phone platforms work well to allow meetings to take place to discuss and work through issues.

    I hear words like; I am bored, online school is so hard, I miss my friends, I worry about family members. In sessions, I open to listening, laughing together, and hearing the tears and frustrations.

    Patty; Age 22, home from university and missing out on last year of university, Feeling anxious around new changes and uncertainties. New anxieties have returned, then the low mood became an issue. I worked with Patty to reactivate her areas of strength and to reach out to social connections.

    Mike; Age 16, completed grade 11 during COVID, and missed out on work and volunteer opportunities over the summer. He struggled with online summer courses and the health issues of a family member. He connected via video while sitting in his backyard and began to find activities that created meaning for him.

    How I can help

    I have a great deal of experience addressing a wide range of social, emotional, and behavioral challenges that our clients present us with. I help young people deal with difficult issues.

    I work collaboratively with youth and their families to enhance their understanding; to help them overcome these challenges and meet their goals.

    Please call me on 647-483-4047 for a complimentary initial consultation, so that I can determine if I'm the right person to help you with the issues you are facing.