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Child, Youth & Adolescent Counselling Scenarios

Important Notice

Scenarios are based on real situations. Details have been changed to protect client identity.

Changes include number of sessions, name, sex and ages. Any resemblance to real people is coincidental.

'My daughter stays in her room'

Sarah, a fourteen year girl who just started Grade 9 came to see me. Sarah’s parents were concerned because her marks were dropping and she was not adjusting well to high school. Sarah’s mother reported “my daughter won't leave her room and is not talking to me or anyone else”. She refused to go out with her family. Read more


'My son is anxious about school'

Alex is a fourteen year old who lives at home with his father and older brother. His mother passed away when he was four years of age due to cancer and he maintains sporadic contact with his maternal grandparents and extended family. The family did attend grief counselling several years ago. His family has moved several times over the past years and Alex is having difficulty making friends. Read more


'My daughter has been diagnosed with a learning disability'

Natasha is an eleven year old girl who was diagnosed with a learning disability in Grade 3 by a psychologist. She has received extra help in a resource room for two hours per day. She would come from school angry every day, screaming and yelling at her parents. This resulted in Natasha being sent to her room and losing computer privileges. Her brother complained about Natasha as they were getting into constant arguments. Read more


'...having problems in last year of high school'

Luke is a 17 year old boy attending his last year of high school. His parents are divorced and he lives mostly with his mother and younger siblings. He has done OK in high school but has become very fixated on his marks and performance at school. He has dropped out of all extracurricular activities including hockey as he wants to improve his marks for university.. Read more