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Learning Disability in Kids and Parents Counselling

Natasha, an 11 year old girl

Natasha is an eleven year old girl in Grade 3 who was diagnosed with a learning disability by a psychologist. She has received extra help in a resource room for two hours per day. She would come from school angry every day, screaming and yelling at her parents. This resulted in Natasha being sent to her room and losing computer privileges. Her brother complained about Natasha as they were getting into constant arguments.

At school Natasha is quiet and does not have behaviour problems. She never raises her hand and is fearful when called upon by the teacher. At recess she does not want to leave the classroom and will hide in the bathroom.

Mother contacted me to see Natasha. Through attending counselling sessions which included both parents for part of each session, Natasha was able to articulate what was going on. She was able to express that she did not like being in a small class and being teased at recess. She was better able to understand triggers for her anger and develop calm down strategies. Parents supported their daughter by communicating more regularly with the school and getting additional supports in that environment. They also worked on communication skills in the home leading to more positive interactions.

This scenario is based on a real situation. All details have been changed to protect the identity and confidentiality of the clients.